Certification matters

Based in New Delhi (India), Steve is an Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 8 Programmer (scored 90%). He is persuing his BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) undergraduate degree course and also working with ETHLend as a Jr. Blockchain developer.

He strongly believes that CS will be backbone of our existence in future. Technology will keep evolving and will keep inspiring us for new inventions. He is also a core member of the Delhi Java User Group.

We interviewed him, asking him how Java Certification has helped him.

Mala Gupta: Why Java Certification?

Steve Mann: One of the major reasons to write the Java Certification was to solidify the basic Java knowledge as well as get some sort of validation to my knowledge. Being a student, I believe it's important to validate the knowledge one has, as students don't have the much needed experience in the industry. So in the early phases of the career, it's important to validate the knowledge and certifications do exactly that.

Mala Gupta: How useful is Java Certification?

Steve Mann: For me, the certification helped me know what the industry wants from developers. College mostly gives theoretical knowledge, but preparing for a certification, be it any certification, gives you practical and in-depth knowledge. And that is what the industry needs. Hence certification not only tells that one has good practical knowledge of the subject but also that he/she is sincere and hard working because most of the certification exams are not easy.

Mala Gupta: The exam preparation process literally grills you on the exam topics. Do you think the in-depth knowledge that you gained during the preparation phase still helping you in your problem solving approach or coding?

Steve Mann: Yes, the exam definitely grills us down and forces us to think. "Good programmers know what can go right, great programmers know what could go wrong". Java certification focuses more on things that could go wrong and hence we use that knowledge to prevent bugs. The in-depth knowledge that we gain gives us the confidence as well as ability to solve problems in a better and efficient way.

Mala Gupta: How did Java Certification help you with your job interview?

Steve Mann: Oracle Certification helped me gain knowledge and skills required in the industry. Certification is globally accepted. It not only gave me professional advantage over peers, but personally it made me more confident. It helped me know inside outs and gave the in-depth knowledge of the language which reflects while working on any project. Preparing for the certification helped me to develop a way of thinking and writing clean and bug-free code. Also, it helped me make some good contacts.

Mala Gupta: Thanks for answering these questions. I wish all the best to you.