Certification matters

Based in Georgia, Shreya is an Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 8 Programmer. She is working with Capgemini as a junior programmer.

Shreya completed her Bachelors in Computer Science from Anna University, Chennai (2011- 2015) and her Masters degree in Computer Science from Central Michigan University (2016 - 2017).

We interviewed her, asking how Java Certification has helped her.

Mala Gupta: Did Java certification help you understand the Java topics better?

Shreya Reddy: It helped me make my foundation on the language stronger. I got clarity on basics of the language. Yes, It helped me understand topics which I thought were complex and made me a confident developer.

Mala Gupta: How did Java Certification help you with your job interview?

Shreya Reddy: It acts as a valid proof for our skills and it helps our resume to be picked among other applicants. It made me a stronger applicant and also helped me for better compensation.

Mala Gupta: How useful is Java Certification on your projects at work (if you are working on Java code)?.

Shreya Reddy: It just landed me a job. I started working just a few days back (on 19th Jan 2018).

Mala Gupta: Thanks for answering these questions. I wish all the best to you.