Certification matters

Passionate about programming, Ruba Mushtaq is an Oracle Certified Java SE 6 Professional. She has been working with Java technologies for the past 5 years, currently working as a Senior Back End Developer with Dubai Police, UAE.

A Computer Science engineer from Sir Syed University, she is actively looking for a challenging position as a web developer.

We interviewed her, asking how Java Certification has helped her.

Mala Gupta: Why did you plan to write the Java Certification? Did a certified professional share its benefits?

Ruba Mushtaq: I wanted to get familiar with Java and I read many books but they did not prove as beneficial as the certification books on Java. Those books focused on real problems, concise solutions and real examples that can lead beginners to become professionals.

Mala Gupta: Did Java certification help you understand the Java topics better?

Ruba Mushtaq: Yes it did, a lot. I got the confidence that what others are saying or writing is actually a concept; not only solution or workaround from other sources. Its amazing how little concepts can turn into concise and perfect code. I could achieve this by doing certifications. But of course, we need to practice a lot.

Mala Gupta: How did Java Certification help you with your job interview?

Ruba Mushtaq: It helped in multiple ways! For passing technical assessments or interview, OOP concepts would always be asked in theory as well as by asking real examples or codes. If I did not have clear concepts, I would not be able to get through these tests.

Also it leaves a great impact on employer before the interview and the certification credentials also increased my worth.

Mala Gupta: How useful is Java Certification on your projects at work (if you are working on Java code)?

Ruba Mushtaq: I can refactor or update my code with the updated concepts. There was a code written in 7, now can be easily upgraded to 8 with better solutions and less coding. Also I can implement and suggest more solutions.

Secondly, there are many Java based frameworks and to understand them, we need to have crystal clear understanding of Java concepts.

Mala Gupta: Thanks for answering these questions. I wish all the best to you.