Certification matters

Based in Morocco, Moaad Aassou is an experienced Java Developer. He earned his Computer Software Engineer degree from National School of Applied Sciences-ENSA. He is a Oracle certified Java SE 7 Programmer.

We interviewed him, asking him how Java Certification has helped him.

Mala Gupta: Why Java Certification?

Moaad Aassou: For me, Certification was an opportunity to improve and update my knowledge, and of course it is a good way to learn and understand new topics. also it helps me in the technical interviews :).

Mala Gupta: Did Java certification help you understand the Java topics better?

Moaad Aassou: I liked the set of topics included in the Java Certification. Java Certification not just helped me understand the syntax but it let me understand what is under the hood. As an example: Java String and the immutability of strings, how it is implemented in the JDK, how you can treat your string with its methods.

Mala Gupta: How did Java Certification help you with your job interview?

Moaad Aassou: Java Certification gave me the confidence and this confidence was a key in interviews with recruiters. Even before the actual interviews, it differentiated between me and others. My certification let me prove to recruiters that I have mastered the java topics (and of course these concepts were covered by the Certification)

Mala Gupta: How useful is Java Certification on your projects at work (if you are working on Java code)?

Moaad Aassou: Java Certification let me not just think how to implement things, but how to write an efficient code/implementation (i still remember the difference between String and StringBuilder and how i can decide which one to choose in such a use case). It also helps me in the debugging process.

Mala Gupta: Thanks for answering these questions. I wish Good Luck to you.