Certification matters

Mehman Ismayilov is a Software Developer at Kibrit, Azerbaijan. He earned his Java Certification before completing his Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering(!).

I interviewed him, asking him how OCA Java SE 8 Programmer I Java Certification has helped him.

Mala Gupta: Why did you plan to write the Java Certification? Did a certified professional share its benefits?

Mehman Ismayilov: The major reason was to learn Java programming language very closely in a short period of time. The remarkable advantage of the Java Certification filled in my lack of experience as a new Computer Science graduate. Java Certification also helped to get past the filtering criteria defined by many organisations.

Mala Gupta: 2) Did Java certification help you understand the Java topics better?

Mehman Ismayilov: I learned a lot while preparing for the Java certification and noticed a huge boost to my knowledge. Without knowing the subtle details, some Java topics seem simple. But while preparing for the exam, I practiced with many many lines of code, which helped me to know a lot about the language details. That is the main reason why certification helped me to understand essential Java APIs deeply and better.

Mala Gupta: How did Java Certification help you with your job interview?

Mehman Ismayilov: For me, certification gave a huge boose to my confidence. Even though I didn't have noteworthy Java programming experience after graduating from my university, I had the knowledge and the skills required by the industry after certification. This reflected a lot in the interview process.

Mala Gupta: 4) How useful is Java Certification on your projects at work (if you are working on Java code)?

Mehman Ismayilov: In real-world Java Projects, language details are important. The knowledge that I gained from certification helped me write maintainable and easy to read code that follows language rules. So certification improved my ability to approach and solve problems while working on any project.

Mala Gupta: Thanks for answering these questions. I wish Good Luck to you.