Certification matters

Maureen Sindiso Mpofu is an innovate Java Systems Development Specialist at Econet Wireless. She earned her Java OCA Programmer I Certification certificate just after completing her final year of Degree in Computer Science from National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe. Just after starting to work as a Junior developer, she earned her OCP Java Programmer II Certification.

I interviewed her asking why did she write the Java certification exams, how they helped her and what were the challenges.

Mala Gupta: Why did you plan to write the Java Certification? Did a certified professional share its benefits?

Maureen Mpofu: Because having a Java Certification is an added advantage in most of the companies which use Java Programming language. Almost everyone I knew from college who were working for a software development company were Java certified and they also told me that it improves your Java knowledge and may also attract salary increment.

Mala Gupta: 2) Did Java certification help you understand the Java topics better?

Maureen Mpofu: Yes, as for me I liked writing code samples and testing different scenarios and this helped me better understand most of the concepts.

Mala Gupta: 3) How did Java Certification help you with your job interview?

Maureen Mpofu: My first interview for a Java Developer had most of the questions focused on Object Oriented Programming and I was happy I managed to answer all of them.

Mala Gupta: 4) How useful is Java Certification on your projects at work (if you are working on Java code)?

Maureen Mpofu: It makes it easier to learn new Java Frameworks because most of them require a basic understanding of Java Concepts as a prerequisite. Having a background of Java even makes it even easier and quicker to implement solutions using the new features that would have been released by Oracle. These new Java features also help me in writing cleaner code.

Mala Gupta: 5) What were the challenges or problems you faced while preparing for this exam?

Maureen Mpofu: During my study I had no one to direct and guide me. Another challenge I had was procrastination, I delayed my exam because I felt like I was not ready for it.

Mala Gupta: 6) How did you prepare for this exam? Is there any advice or tip you would like to share with the ones who are preparing for this exam?

Maureen Mpofu: I used certification guides, Java Forums and also referred to the Java Specifications. To those who are preparing for the exam- make use of code samples because they help you understand better the theoretic concept in question. Last but not least you may also need to join the Java Programming forums. Communicating in these forums will help you learn a lot about the subject which you were not aware of or you have overlooked.

Mala Gupta: Thanks for answering these questions. I wish Good Luck to you.